Saturday, December 27, 2008


I know that is still December, but let me be the first to say Happy New Year. I'm very excited for this year. I'm looking forward to hitting the restart button on a few things and setting new and exciting goals. One of my goals is blog more faithfully. I'm thinking that if I make at least 2 posts a month, that will keep things pretty up to date. So there, it's out there, now I have to be accountable.

We did have a very nice Christmas. We got to talk to Jarrett and it was great. I am very excited to have him home. (Notice the change in the placement of his countdown) I think that he will be a calming and peaceful influence in our home. It seems as of late we haven't been too patient with one another, so that is another goal for me.

I personally really enjoyed the Christmas season. I feel like I got into it a little late, so I am already looking forward to next year -- isn't that silly. Another one of my goals is to REALLY learn from mistakes and regrets and not make them again.

One of the highlights of the season for me was a dinner that Jef and I hosted for the ward council. Without sounding to cliche, it was wonderful having them in our home. For me it was a way to express MY gratitude for the support that they give to Jef as the bishop. They help in ways that I can't so I am grateful that they lighten his load. He really could not have success without their dedication and committment to the Lord. I was pleased with the way things turned out, I wish I had taken pictures of the tables and place settings beforehand, but for sure next year. The kids served and did a fabulous job. It's great having older kids that can participate like they did.

On Christmas day we were able to have John & Myra B. come to our home for Christmas dinner. It was great having them. I visit teach Myra who was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago and compressed a disc in her vertebrae making it impossible for them to travel to their children's homes for Christmas. They are a great couple and all of the kids commented at different times how much they enjoyed having them. Justine said that she thought we should always have people over for Christmas.

The kids all seemed pleased with their gifts and I felt like for the first time in a long time we had a controlled amount of gifts under the tree. This is a picture of Jef on the gift he got for me flying a helicopter he got for him. Evidently this box was in the garage for a couple of weeks (unwrapped of course) and not once did I ever notice it. I was a little disappointed with myself for letting it get by me, I usually always know what I'm getting.

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Easton, Inc. said...

Here here! I feel the same way about not getting into Christmas this year and I'm also looking forward and planning already for next year. Same goes for goals and the restart button! By the way, your white Christmas tree is really pretty!