Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seasiders Sweep Silverswords | BYU-H

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Okay, so Jarrett is home and it's absolutely great having him here. He's a great person to be around and I believe he did his very best on his mission. I could not be more proud (in a good way) of how he conducted himself on his mission. I think that he is readjusting well to his non-missionary self. He wants to be busy all of the time and the more projects Jef can give him the better. He will be heading out to Hawaii to see Justine on Monday with Nick. Justine is so excited she can hardly stand it. Speaking of Justine, here she is on the BYU web-page(click on the gray link above). I am so happy for her to have had success in her very first NCAA tennis match. I love who she is becoming. I miss her tons, I'm severly outnumbered in this house, and the number of bodily noises these boys can make is staggering. Really, they wouldn't do it with Jus around, she would not have stood for it.


The Easton Family said...

Yea!! A new posting! We're proud of Justine as well...too bad they spelled Gallacci wrong! :) Hope she has fun with Jarrett. I'll try not to be too jealous.

Vicki Sabin said...

Way to go Justine! :)

The Easton Family said...

hey, maybe now that justine is home, you'll have a little more free time that you can update this more than once a quarter! :)