Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So it's been a while since I've made any posts to my blog, so here's a quick rundown of what's been happening in our lives.

Jarrett got home in February, took a quick trip to see Justine and then we basically didn't seem him again until about the week before he left to Provo. He worked incessently to earn money to go back to school

Jef & I went to see Jus in March. It was fun but short and not that tropical. We hit a patch of cold weather but it was great to see Justine in her element.

In April, Jef took all of the boys to general conference in Salt Lake and for the first time they were all able to attend the general priesthood session together. At the time we had a deacon, a teacher, a priest, an elder and a high priest. Pretty cool I think.

In May, Jef and I went to Orlando Florida where the BYUH womens tennis team was playing in the national tournament. It was very fun. Del and Daneen met us and we rented Harley's and got to see the Florida coast. I'm sorry, but after the west coast it wasn't that impressive. However, the weather was beautiful.

In June, Justine's roomate Elwin came and stayed a couple of weeks with us. She is from China and really a sweet girl. We had a lot of fun showing her around a farming community. She drove four wheelers, horses and a wagon, a tractor and our jetta. The jetta was the only thing that didn't fare too well, it ended up in the irrigation canal. Jef and I also went on a Harley Trip to the Oregon Coast. It was beautiful. That's where the top picture of this post is taken.

In July we got a new jetta.

In August, we spent a couple of days in Utah for the first ever Heninger family reunion. It was good to be with my family and celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Later in August Jef and I were able to spend some more time on the Oregon coast and then further north into Washington. We went to the Olympic Pennisula which could quite possibly be one of the most beautiful parts of this country I have ever seen. Really breathtaking.
Jarret and Jack also took up the catching rattlesnake hobby. Not too brilliant but quite fascinating. Then Jarrett left for BYU Provo.

In September, Jack left for BYU Idaho. Jef and Justine took him. I stayed home with the little boys so they could change water which was every 6 hours (including midnight) and so I could teach seminary. I knew Justine would take care of getting things done the way I would if not better so sent Jack off knowing he was in way capable hands. The next week Justine left for BYU Hawaii. She missed two flights getting there, but managed to land safely and comfortably back into her own routine and beach going life. Now I have 3 empty but quite clean bedrooms and I only buy 6 gallons of milk a week instead of 12.

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The Easton Family said...

I'm so excited that you finally posted something!! I was beginning to think that you were done blogging. :) I love that you had all the priesthood represented at conference! I hadn't realized that..